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Are you tired of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes? Trying to quit? Are you worried about the harmful effects smoking is having on your health or second hand smoke effecting family or your children? Are you sick of being out casted because you're a smoker? Had enough of the tax increases making your habit more expensive?

You do have a choice.

Why not try East Coast Cigs Electronic Cigarettes? East Coast Cigs Electronic Cigarettes are a revolutionary new way to smoke and will change the way you think about smoking forever.

Customize your E Cig experience by choosing your nicotine strength:
None 0mg, Low 6mg, Medium 11mg, High 16mg or Extra High 24mg.

Then chose your flavour:
Traditional Flavours: Dunhill, Marlboro, Tobacco and Virginia
Custom Flavours: Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Some products you will be able to choose colours for as well.

E-cigs do not contain any tar and no harmful carcinogenic substances that produce harmful second hand smoke making electronic cigarettes safe to smoke virtually anywhere.

East Coast Cig premium electronic cigarettes have been developed with the newest atomizer and cartridge technology. Our premium electronic cigarettes are equipped with the atomizer and the cartridge as one unit called a cartomizer, replicating the same sensation of smoking tobacco cigarettes giving our users a higher satisfaction. E-Cigs are compact and inexpensive with replacement cartomizers costing a fraction of the price of tobacco cigarettes.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes:
  • No tar or any other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients.
  • No Ignition or spark, meaning no possibility to cause fires
  • No carbon monoxide, or butts, safe for the environment
  • No odour, smell or smoke allowing you to smoke without offending non smokers
  • Cheaper than traditional cigarettes

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